“Steps not only for you, but with you also”

We will step by step work with you with our knowledge and experience in order to have established optimal, conceptual project exactly designed for your business that will be eventually exactly assed by your side.

Exploratory design

“Base strength is in exact concept”

We are not biased. Discuss your ideas and future plans with us. Nobody is better aware in operational and technical requirements than you. Based on provided information, we will draw out the most optimal decision essential for the implementation of construction idea of your building.

In order to have developed exact conceptual model of the project it is essential to have precise idea managed under the effort of professionals. We are employed both with personal and your contractor architects.

In order to have planned exploratory design it is required to have exactly assessed needs and abilities of client. At the time of information session, first of all our team provides profile of situation in the format of free consultation, where will be determined action ways necessary for the realization of your desires and ideas and the cost of our future exploratory design.

Our service does not include preparation of site development regulation plan, solving problems related to the plot approval, provision and monitoring of joining points of outdoor utility lines.

Preparation of permit documentation
“You have requirements, but we exact decisions, preparation of permit documentation”

Objective is exactly defined after successful completion of exploratory design and consultation service. It is possible to launch activities determined for the preparation of appropriate permit documentation agreed with the client.

Fixed priced, fixed date

During the preparation of permit documentation the company completely relies on the information collected at the time of exploratory design agreed with the client.

“Alternative” as competent partner bears grave responsibility on the precision of preparation of construction permit documentation and its timely submission to construction permit issuing administrative body.

Company exactly defines the cost and duration of its imposed works and expert services.

Invariable and firm

At the time of issue of construction permit by administrative bodies, the company will carry out any changes related to ongoing technical and procedural issues within the frameworks of fixed price, except legislative requirements directly within the competence of client.

Date of issue of construction permit depends on project location and individual features that based on their complexity are regulated in accordance with the respective standard acts of active legislation.

Detailed design
“Team game – communication for more economy, detailed design.”

Team environment requires efficiency. This rule is also applied in business. During some time as a result of close cooperation parties study the ways of exact communication with each other.

At this stage as a result of detailed discussion of architectural and constructive decisions, it is already possible to prepare detailed drawings necessary for the construction of design facility, detailing of construction materials and planning of the course of construction activities agreed with the client.

Quality to final detail is our priority

Quality of our planning is reflected on the quality of our buildings. To this effect all activities, construction materials and procedures are planned till the final detail.

As a result of step by step joint employment, after the completion of documentary part of detailed design, it is possible to have acknowledged final step of project activities and real promise: “This is my project”.

Requirement of quality high standard relates both the employees of “Alternative” and subcontractors and also its partner companies.

Under the bases of mutual agreement at any stage of construction activities, it is always possible to have actively involved project team and make necessary legislative changes under mutual agreement in accordance with the client’s requirement.

“Time and costs under control”

Successful completion of project’s erection drawings is the most important precondition of presumable design cost estimate. Despite of the quality of project documentation, in advance cost estimate always proportionally reflects agility of procedures taking place related to project. Construction material price change, constant development of construction technologies and construction activity terms are those factors that may have positive or negative influence on the stability of in advance cost estimate of project.

Information collected by us at the time of exploratory design, preparation of permit documentation and composition of detailed erection drawings facilitates composition of in advance cost estimate of your project with maximal precision. Nevertheless, in advance cost estimate of project is only logical instrument determining investment amount that may be further corrected under the influence of respective factors.